Cesium RMA Policy and Guidelines
1. Cesium's warranty is valid for 12 months for defective products only. All defective products returned within the 12-month period of the original purchase date will be deemed valid for a replacement only and not for a credit. Replacement products that are approved under warranty will ship with your next order. Defective products that are returned passed the warranty time frame will NOT be valid for a replacement and will be disposed of. Normal wear and tear on products are not considered defective, therefore such items will not be replaced or credited.

2. Approved RMA numbers are valid for 30 days. After 30 days, receipt of RMA's will not be deemed valid for a credit and/or a replacement and the items will be disposed of. If you should request to have your items shipped back to you, a handling fee of $50.00 will be charged.

3. Cesium reserves the right to refuse any RMA and/or selected items found in the return. Items listed on the RMA need to reflect exactly what has been returned, items not found on the RMA list will not be valid for a credit and/or a replacement. If some of the items found in the return do not fall within the RMA policy, these items will be disposed of and not be credited nor replaced. If you should request to have these items shipped back to you, a handling fee of $50.00 will be deducted from your credit memo.

4. Approved RMA's are for sellable products only. Unsellable items are defined as followed: damaged packaging, item with price stickers, scratched packaging. Opened non-defective items are also deemed invalid for credit and/or replacement.

5. All products purchased on Sale (Liquidation/Discounted) will not be valid for a replacement. Unless the item is received in a defective state it will then be replaced.

6. Only approved RMA's for discontinued products will be credited.

7. Special ordered products are final sale and will not be approved for an RMA.

8. Returns for Apple, Samsung, Google, Poly/HP products and all hand sets will be handled directly by the manufacturer. Please refer to the below links:
a. Apple
b. Google
c. Samsung
d. Poly/HP

9. For direct replacement to the end-user of OtterBox or LifeProof products, we recommend using the following link.

10. Carefully pack your return items to prevent damage during transit.