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Galaxy SmartTag2 (1 pack) White

SKU: 115-2256



The redesigned Galaxy SmartTag2 is made so you can keep calm and keep track. Its design makes it easy for you to tag and carry your belongings. It's also IP67-rated water- and dust-resistant, activates your compatible IoT devices and stays powered for up to 500 days or even up to 40% more on Power Saving Mode.

Key Selling Points
  • Relax, you've got it tagged. No need to retrace your steps. Simply register a new Galaxy SmartTag2 and get started right away with SmartThings Find.
  • With its intuitive tracking experience, you now have a way to keep track of things you love right in the palm of your hand.
  • Lose something? Switch on Search Nearby and get guided instructions to your item's location via Compass View.
  • If you still don't see it, just ring your Galaxy SmartTag2 to have it send out an audible signal.
  • Cover your Galaxy SmartTag2 with a colorful Silicone Case that offers protection and a smooth touch – or a Rugged Case with a non-slip pattern on the side and an additional bumper on the bottom.
  • Both cases come with a carabiner ring for easy attachment.