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Easy One Touch 5 Cup Holder Mount Universal Black

SKU: 104-1243



The Easy One Touch 5 Cup Holder Mount is the next generation of the bestselling car mount in the U.S. Featuring the Patented Easy One Touch Mechanism, you can lock and release smartphones quickly with a swift one-handed motion. Recognized for superior quality and sleek design, the new Easy One Touch 5 series features a new finish that complements modern automotive interiors. Twist and lock your cup holder into place via the bottom mounting mechanism into the cup holder of your choice. Once you have installed the mount, you can insert or remove your smartphone in seconds.

Key Selling Points
  • U.S. Patented Easy One Touch Lock and Release Mechanism make it easy to lock and retrieve smartphones in seconds.
  • Universal Cradle Upgrades Allow for Better Fit of all Smartphone-Case Combinations
  • Redesigned Magnetic Bottom Foot with 3 Preset Settings for Different Phone Sizes
  • New Design Rear Cradle Button is not only much more intuitive but also includes magnet for cord organization
  • Twist Dial Feature Engages Spacers to Provide Secure Fit in Cup Holder. 
  • Keep your cord out of the way with the newly designed Magnetic Cord Organizer