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Nest Thermostat Charcoal (Black)

SKU: 161-0012



Meet the secure, tamper-proof lock from Nest and Yale. It’s keyless, so you can lock and unlock the door from anywhere with the Nest app.* Give people you trust a passcode and get alerts when they come and go. And lock the door with a tap. If you forget, the Nest x Yale Lock even reminds you.
*Some features, including mobile alerts, remote control and custom schedules, require the Nest app, working internet and Wi-Fi, and Nest Connect.

Key Selling Points
  • Keyless deadbolt. It's secure and temper-proof. No lost keys. No picked locks.
  • Remote access. Lock and unlock the door with the Nest app. Without a key.
  • Unique passcodes. Give passcodes to family and guests. Set schedules to let them in.
  • Access history. Get alerts someone locks and unlocks the door.
  • One-touch locking. Just tap to lock on your way out.
  • Auto-lock. It can lock automatically when Nest knows you're away.
  • Works with the Nest Secure alarm system. Unlock the door, and the alarm disarms automatically.
  • Colors. Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polish Brass.