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Silicone Grip Case Black for Samsung Galaxy S23

SKU: 120-6812



The Galaxy Silicone Grip Cover has silicone built to endure your everyday life, and the silicone strap on the back secures your grip on your phone helping keep it safely in your hand and not on the floor.

Key Selling Points
  • With the fashionable strap on the back, the Silicone Grip Case gives you convenient grip assistance that helps prevent accidental drops.
  • Silicone Grip Case is as soft to the touch as it is stylish.
  • It turns the back and sides of your phone into a silky smooth fashion statement that you won't mind holding for hours.
  • Details make the difference.
  • Choose from a variety of designs and swap out your detachable strap for one that better expresses who you are.