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Kick-N-Grip Universal & Magsafe Phone Grip Black

SKU: 123-0488



The Kick-N-Grip is the ultimate phone grip that is easy to use and compatible with any phone or case that is smooth, hard and flat (just like those washboard abs eh?).

When collapsed the grip is thinner than a 25¢ coin and won't stick out like other attachments.

It utilizes a strong adhesive as well as a MagSafe alignment. This can make any phone or case MagSafe compatible, even android devices. Works best with cases not thicker than 2mm. Silicone and textured cases might not adhere correctly. This also allows you to use any iPhone MagSafe accessory on top of the Kick-N-Grip.

You can wirelessly charge right through this sucker (no need to remove it, ever!). Unlike other phone grips, the Kick-N-Grip doesn't need to be removed for MagSafe wireless charging. Charging pads or stands without magnetic positioning may not work but any MagSafe compatible charger will.

Key Selling Points
  • Super thin (less than a 25c coin)
  • MagSafe + Adhesive attachment
  • Charge-through technology. Never need to remove, wirelessly charge through it with MagSafe chargers
  • Pop-out Kickstand for horizontal viewing360 degree grip rotation
  • Magnetic phone holder. Can stick the entire device to any steel surface