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Apollo Wireless 15W Pad Dark Gray

SKU: 116-0131



High-speed wireless charging supports up to 15W of wireless power for a faster, more reliable charging experience. Thanks to the use of recycled silicone in our custom manufacturing process, the surface pattern of each and every APOLLO is unique. And by creating the thinnest wireless pad possible, less resources are consumed, and fewer emissions generated through production and shipping.

Key Selling Points
  • Up to 15W high-speed charging on contact
  • Works with iPhone, AirPods (2nd Gen), AirPods Pro, and Android devices
  • Includes a 20W Type-C Wall charger & 2M Cable
  • Anti-slip surface made from recycled silicone
  • Compatible with most phone cases up to 3mm
  • Easy magnetic alignment with iPhone 12 series
  • Plastic-free packaging